Villainous Monologues - It's Hard Not To Do It

If there's one wrap up that I hate reading, it's the Villainous Monologues.  

You know what I mean, right?  When the villain catches our main character, or corners them, or they're at a standoff, and the villain spends PAGES just... ranting.  "I did this, and you didn't notice this, and here's why I did it this way, and let me tell you my motivation behind it all and also here's a backstory so you understand how I got to where I am now!!! mwhahaha!"

When I come across those scenes in books, it totally takes me out of the story and throws me into cheesy black and white movies where the villain is twirling his mustache.  Literally no real bad guy is gonna lay out everything they've done and are going to do right before they kill you.  I don't care how egotistical they are.  

So you know what I wrote on my notes as I was planning out the end of book two in the Perfection duology? "Avoid Villainous Monologue."

That's it.  Yeah, I really helped myself out there.

But when I got to that point in the book where the tention was high and things were looking bad, I had to hold myself back from just having the badie lay everything out for us.  It's easy.  It's informative.  It's helpful.  No wonder I've read it so many times.

I really had to work to figure out a different, less eye roll worthy, way to reveal things to my readers.

So I'm a new writer.  I mean, just weaned off the bottle kinda new.  I look at my work and I'm proud of what I've done, I love my characters, I'm proud of my plot, and I want to live in my world.  But I also see a lot of room for growth.  And I'm excited to grow, I'm excited to learn, I'm excited to become better for you guys and for myself.  This is one situation where I really had to work my muscles and figure out how to not fall into the writing trap that I don't like as a reader.  

But there's a creative solution for everything and I'm working hard to give you guys the best I have to offer.  I can't wait for you guys to read The Destruction of Perfection.  I just finished the first draft last week and the story feels.... good.  

The Destruction of Perfection is looking really good (to me at least) and I am so stinking excited for you guys to experience it too!

What's one thing that you hate reading at the end of your stories?  For me, it's the villainous monologues (obveously) and when everything wraps up perfectly.  I like for stories to feel more real than that.  Is there anything that will make you roll your eyes every time?  Talk to me about it in the comments!  I really want to know!

Much Love, Merphy