I mean, what more do you want to know about me?


I was a reader long before I was a writer but developing a love for writing stories is what started my obsession with reading them (like, it physically hurts me to not read at least a little every day).  Perfection was my first ever attempt at writing a story and it consumed me.  I lost myself in it.  I actually couldn't think of anything but the story and getting back to my computer (or any computer) so I could write more.  After my first draft was completed I started editing from the beginning and realized that what I had written was crap.  So I did a lot of writing research (author's tips, videos, books...) and started reading a lot of popular fiction so I could see how other people had done it.  Then I became obsessed with reading and finding stories that were less than popular.  Now my life literally revolves around family and books.  And frankly, I love it.

My favorite series are Harry Potter and The Lunar Chronicles.

My favorite color is white.

I want a pet fox sooo badly!

I have lived in the country my whole life and it's a dream.

Once I lived downtown in a town of 14,000 and it stressed me out so much because the town was so big!

I grew up in the middle of cornfields outside a town of 200 people in Illinois.

I currently live in Kentucky where supposedly the grass is blue (though I haven't seen it).

Travel is my favorite form of living.



I'm married to the most selfless, sweetest man and anyone that tells you marriage is more hard than it is fun is a liar.  

We have a little boy who was born 01/22/2017 and he is our world.  

Our son is so filled with joy and honestly, we didn't know we could ever love this much.

Life’s a dream when you find what’s worth living for.

I also have a Youtube channel where I talk about the books I'm reading.  If you're as obsessed with books as I am you should check it out!                             ------------------------------>